eco homes

Today we’re looking at some of the best eco friendly homes. Some of these take things a bit to the extreme, but this gives us even more reason to appreciate them! take a look…

The Japanese styrofoam Dome homes aer built from 100% foam instead of wood or metal. It is rot, water, and termite proof, which automatically saves the inhabitants thousands of dollars in future maintenance costs. Using these materials designed by expert engineers provides a structure that is extremely resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes, and typhoons. they are definitely not the most beautiful homes from the outside, but the inside is quite something to look at.

The Zero House is completely self-sufficient and incredibly comfortable.

It is a small, prefabricated house that can easily be shipped and quickly erected. It can operate independently, without the need for any external utility or waste disposal connections. The High-efficiency solar panels produce power and store it in an onboard bank of batteries.  Fully charged, zeroHouse can operate continuously for up to one week with no sunlight at all. A rainwater collection plane gathers and diverts water into an elevated 2700 gallon cistern.  All plumbing fixtures are gravity-fed, eliminating the need for power-consuming pumps. All organic waste is processed in a digester unit located beneath the house.  It converts the waste into clean, dry compost that needs to be removed only twice a year. All functions of the house are monitored by an array of sensors and regulated by a “house brain” that can be controlled through any laptop computer.  zeroHouse is fully customizable for personal usage patterns, from the weekend getaway to extended-stay living.

This Ewok style tree house was designed by Tom Chudleigh, a Canadian carpenter. The wood and fiberglass waterproof exterior protects the inside of the house which comes with a working kitchen that includes a refrigerator, sink, and microwave. There are also built in beds but unfortunately when using the bathroom you must use the great outdoors. For around $45,000 you can buy just the sphere but for another $50,000 or so you can purchase some extra accessories. The spheres are suspended in trees and accessible by a series of rope bridges. The 11ft wide eco friendly house can sleep four, allowing families to live in the forest without the need to worry about their carbon footprints.

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