Take a seat

Looking for some creative and eco-friendly seating for your home? These hay-filled chairs are perfect for any eco-friendly lover or nature admirer:
Designer Fabrio del Percio has taken the concept of using hay as seating, and revolutionized the idea for indoor seating. The chair is made from Icelandic hay and transparent PVC vinyl with a zipper. The line of seating is called ‘Hey’ with the aforementioned chair called the Transparent Chair. The idea of the covering is that it will keep the hay fresh because it needs to air out once in a while so it doesn’t rot.

Claire Danthois made this chair from a recycled door at the [re]design stand at 100% Design. Her One A Door chair turns a reclaimed door into sculptural chaise that is as environmentally friendly as it is thought-provoking. Claire is fascinated with the story embedded in reclaimed materials, and custom makes all of her pieces for specific individuals, using materials found in that person’s life.

Swiss designer Michel Bussien‘s Growing Chair resides on a rolling planter with willow trees growing from each leg. Russian vine wraps around the willow branches for a full greenery effect. As Bussien elaborates in his Nature Manifesto, the chair represents a reconvergence of man and nature.

A fresh perspective on double armchairs by Gaëtan Van de Wyer, a Belgian designer. Made from rattan and water hyacinth, both sustainable materials, the double armchair makes it possible to live green and enjoy your significant other’s company in an unconventional way. Interesting especially when it comes to partying and guests have to come up with “special” sitting positions when talking to each other. See also the “Bulb”, an indoor chair that doubles as LED lamp to illuminate your living space, also made from the same materials.


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