Out there in here is growing!

It took a while, but looks like our logo is finally starting to grow after the cold winter…


Some of the most creative up-cycled furniture

I have come to believe that anything that you want to throw away, is worth of becoming something new. The following examples will have you spring clean your home in search of old junk to recycle. Happy digging!

Firs up is this bath-sofa. It’s absolutely beautiful and elegant and your guests will be so impressed with your creative flair

These unique lighting fixtures out of Germany reuse old dead light bulbs to create dramatic sculptural lamps. Got some of those in your home?

What are there peculiar contraptions? Gilles Eichenbaum brings new life to otherwise worthless pots, pans, teapots, and utensils with his unique lighting creations. The recycled lights lend a rustic, somewhat whimsical touch to interior decorating while rescuing old kitchenwares from a life in the landfill.
The adaption of a shopping cart into a chair seems rather reasonable once you see the result: a detailed and structurally-sound seat that bends and gives slightly where needed but also provides a good deal of support and a place to rest one’s arms. Still, these and other shopping cart chairs might be better suited to a BBQ setting than to a formal dining set.
Once you smash and bend that bike wheel enough it has nowhere to go but the dumpster, right? Wrong. if you’re Andrew Gregg who distorts these seemingly broken pieces even further in the pursuit of a higher goal. The results clearly show the objects’ origins but are nonetheless original, dynamic, eye-catching and even useful compositions.

We all have them stashed in a drawer somewhere, wondering why they are kept int the dark for years and years. Yes, i am talking about throw away pens. By the time we get to these, many are dried out or otherwise dysfunctional. Up close it may look tacky but from a distance this disposable pen chandelier has some grace to it. Plus if you ever needed a pen you’d at least know where to find one.

As you have noticed before, old bicycle parts are great to make new things, like bike chain picture frames for an active flair to your green decor. Or maybe if you are more of the geeky type, maybe you’ve got an old keybord lying around…


Some cool recycled designs

I’ve stumbled upon some really nice designs which i thought of sharing with you, so enjoy, and appreciate the awesomeness of up-cycling!

“Lamp Drop” Lights by Rafael Morgan.

This is a really smart idea for a bathroom sink, made of melted glass

Serving trays made from recycled bottles

old vodka bottles transformed into lights

Light fixture by Yoon Bahk, made of recycled whine bottles.

Absolut tumblers

promoting out there (In here)

yes,we have been absent for quite a while, but  we’re back, with some fresh new designs for all to see. These following designs have all been made to promote Out there (in here) so enjoy, and make sure to visit our  pages!

First up, an ambient viral. this is an all-green welcome mat, with the purpose to welcome newcomers to the site. Think this will catch a few people’s attention?

 Even the birds are getting into recycling, as you can see from the next item: A recycled Bird’s nest, to promote our twitter page. Home Tweet Home, follow us on twitter if you fancy this 😉

lastly, some posters to make people wonder what we are all about. on their way out… and on their way in…

Take a seat

Looking for some creative and eco-friendly seating for your home? These hay-filled chairs are perfect for any eco-friendly lover or nature admirer:
Designer Fabrio del Percio has taken the concept of using hay as seating, and revolutionized the idea for indoor seating. The chair is made from Icelandic hay and transparent PVC vinyl with a zipper. The line of seating is called ‘Hey’ with the aforementioned chair called the Transparent Chair. The idea of the covering is that it will keep the hay fresh because it needs to air out once in a while so it doesn’t rot.

Claire Danthois made this chair from a recycled door at the [re]design stand at 100% Design. Her One A Door chair turns a reclaimed door into sculptural chaise that is as environmentally friendly as it is thought-provoking. Claire is fascinated with the story embedded in reclaimed materials, and custom makes all of her pieces for specific individuals, using materials found in that person’s life.

Swiss designer Michel Bussien‘s Growing Chair resides on a rolling planter with willow trees growing from each leg. Russian vine wraps around the willow branches for a full greenery effect. As Bussien elaborates in his Nature Manifesto, the chair represents a reconvergence of man and nature.

A fresh perspective on double armchairs by Gaëtan Van de Wyer, a Belgian designer. Made from rattan and water hyacinth, both sustainable materials, the double armchair makes it possible to live green and enjoy your significant other’s company in an unconventional way. Interesting especially when it comes to partying and guests have to come up with “special” sitting positions when talking to each other. See also the “Bulb”, an indoor chair that doubles as LED lamp to illuminate your living space, also made from the same materials.

Have a dirty wall?

Graffiti was once seen as unsightly and destructive by many people, but projects like this Dutch Ink ‘Flight 101’ one are helping to change that. As opposed to spray-painting on the graffiti, Dutch Ink uses creative stencils to scrub clean the dirty walls, thereby leaving a clean, fresh design.

The Dutch Ink Flight 101 project’s use of clean tags is totally revolutionary to the graffiti world and would be a welcomed addition in major cities, which are known to have dirty walls. Companies looking to appeal to eco-loving consumers should consider ways to put an eco-spin on existing products and services that are unsightly and environmentally damaging.

Turn over a new leaf

A fresh new look , for a fresh new week. I’ve moved on to greener pastures by recycling my wallpaper again this week, inspired by Patric Blank’s green wall designs. This invention is a real breather for any eco-enthusiast. Walls covered with real growing plants can really make a difference in green living.

Not only patric Blanc is involved in this concept, there are many other examples as well, like The Symbiotic Green Wall, by Kooho Jung & Hayeon Kelly Choi
The Riverside Court along Nine Elms is probably one of the best examples you will see. Plant a virginia creeper and in a few years your wall will be covered, and practically the rest of your neighborhood as well!
And then there’s beautiful indoor decorations as well, like the living room designed by Japanese designer, Nendo
Lastly, an interesting project by French company h2o architects. This creative wall decoration is named Grass Mirror