Some cool recycled designs

I’ve stumbled upon some really nice designs which i thought of sharing with you, so enjoy, and appreciate the awesomeness of up-cycling!

“Lamp Drop” Lights by Rafael Morgan.

This is a really smart idea for a bathroom sink, made of melted glass

Serving trays made from recycled bottles

old vodka bottles transformed into lights

Light fixture by Yoon Bahk, made of recycled whine bottles.

Absolut tumblers


Have a dirty wall?

Graffiti was once seen as unsightly and destructive by many people, but projects like this Dutch Ink ‘Flight 101’ one are helping to change that. As opposed to spray-painting on the graffiti, Dutch Ink uses creative stencils to scrub clean the dirty walls, thereby leaving a clean, fresh design.

The Dutch Ink Flight 101 project’s use of clean tags is totally revolutionary to the graffiti world and would be a welcomed addition in major cities, which are known to have dirty walls. Companies looking to appeal to eco-loving consumers should consider ways to put an eco-spin on existing products and services that are unsightly and environmentally damaging.